The purpose of the Political Transparency Project is to empower citizens to make informed decisions when voting and better understand how the political process truly works. To help interested citizens understand how to run for office, and if elected, to represent constituents with dignity and respect.

My name is Buzz Brockway. For eight years I served in the Georgia House of Representatives. In 2018, I ran for Secretary of State because I’ve always felt passionately that more people should exercise their right to vote and that those votes should be informed votes.

These days, it feels like our political system is unraveling. Most people, left, right, or independent, are dissatisfied with our government. I still believe citizens have the power, through normal means, to fix what’s wrong with our politics these days. In fact, as free people, we have a responsibility to fix what’s wrong. As Benjamin Franklin is believed to have said when asked what type of government the 1787 Constitutional Convention had produced, “A republic if you can keep it.” In a republic, the people have the ultimate power, not the elites, insiders, or big-money folks, but the people. However, for a republic to survive and thrive, it requires its citizens to be informed. Helping you be an informed citizen is what I hope this website becomes.

While I have my personal political views, and form my own opinions about which candidate should win a particular race, on this website I won’t share those opinions. I’ll do my best to keep those things away from these pages. If you want my opinions on Georgia politics, feel free to follow Peach Pundit The Podcast, or subscribe to my Substack.

I want to help you decide which candidate best reflects your values and political views. I hope you decide to vote for people of high character. People who want to do the work, not use their elected position as a platform to run for something “bigger.” Don’t vote for people who use fear and anger to try to manipulate you to vote for them or against someone else. Imagine if our political system rewarded people who thought “more about the next generation than the next election.” If that’s the kind of political system you want to see then this is the place for you.